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The name "Velcon" comes from the phrase "velocity-controlled" which describes the flow through the innovative V-tube separator (shown below, right).

Velcon's V-Tube SeparatorA History of Innovation

Originally named Enfab, Inc., Velcon Filters, LLC was founded in 1953 byHarold Higbee, a Tooling Engineer, and L.W. (Lu) Taylor, an Industrial Engineer. Both had extensive experience in the fiberglass industry. The first products were fabricated fiberglass components for the 2.75 Rocket sold to the United States government. Imaginative R&D led to the creation of a proprietary fiberglass filter coalescer in 1957. This revolutionary product was initially introduced to both military and commercial aviation fuel markets and subsequently to pipelines and refineries. Velcon now supplies more replacement cartridges to purify jet fuel than any other company in the world.

New Opportunities

In 1979, Velcon introduced to the market its patented Aquacon® water-absorbing cartridges which remove water and dirt from industrial oils and fuels, restoring the oil or fuel to a clean, usable condition. The outer layers of filter media remove particulate contaminants, while the inner layers chemicallyretain water within the super-absorbent media. As the cartridge reaches its absorption capacity, the media expands rapidly to restrict the flow of unfiltered oil or fuel, signaling the operator to replace the cartridge.

Velcon Today

Velcon’s commitment to quality has been recognized through its achievement of the ISO 9001 Certification of Registration in 2000. Most recently Velcon has requalified for ISO 9001, proving its continuing achievement of quality standards. Velcon is also the first filter manufacturer to receive qualifications for all three categories of the EI 1581 5th Edition Specification.

April 2009, Velcon Filters, LLC was acquired by Sterling Group, LP, a private equity investment firm that targets controlling interests in basic manufacturing, industrial services and distribution companies.

November, 2009, Velcon acquired Chemflo, a process filtration company, creating “Velcon Process,” a division of Velcon Filters, LLC. Chemflo was founded in 1998. Velcon Process works as partners with petrochemical producers, refineries, transmission companies, gas plants, food and beverage producers and other process industries to improve their overall process as it relates to filtration and separation.

In 2010, in an ongoing effort to ensure quality products, Velcon constructed a diesel fuel test lab at its Colorado facility. Now, Velcon is poised to verify the effectiveness of its filtration products for the rapidly expanding diesel and biodiesel market.

March, 2011, Velcon Filters, LLC, a portfolio company of The Sterling Group, L.P., announced that it has acquired Twin Filters B.V.

With headquarters in The Netherlands, Twin designs, engineers and manufactures filtration equipment and replacement cartridges for the oil, liquid and air filtration markets in Europe, Asia, North America and other international markets. Twin’s main product is the filtration of process water for both on and off shore drilling. The acquisition of Twin Filters represents an expansion into new end-markets and geographies for Velcon. “Velcon acquired Chemflo in late 2009 to expand our product offering into the downstream energy markets, and now Twin provides significant growth opportunities in the upstream markets,” Greg Elliott, Partner of The Sterling Group said. “We are excited to capitalize on the synergies that this collaboration Velcon and Twin will provide.

Wijbrand Schouten, the founding CEO who will remain with Twin in his current role, commented, “Velcon is the clear leader in the jet fuel market, and we are pleased to combine our organizations to continue to deliver top quality products and solutions to our collective customer bases globally.” Dave Taylor, President and CEO of Velcon said, “Since 1985, Twin has provided the highest quality filtration devices for the oil, liquid and air filtration markets. We are pleased to partner with Wijbrand and his team at Twin and to provide a broader range of products and solutions to our customers.

April, 2011, Velcon announces new President, Keith McAslan.  With the acquisition of Twin Filter B.V. in the Netherlands, Velcon Filters has entered a new period in its growth as a supplier of filtration products to industries worldwide. Keith McAslan has been named President, succeeding Dave Taylor, effective May 1st. Keith joined Velcon in October 2010 as Chief Financial Officer and has been involved with all aspects of the Twin Filter acquisition and the integration that is currently in process.

April, 2012, Velcon Filters, LLC, a portfolio company of The Sterling Group, L.P., today announced that it has acquired Warner Lewis GmbH.

Headquartered in Kelsterbach, Germany with locations in Phillipsburg, Germany; Farnborough, UK; Paris, France; and Dubai, UAE; Warner Lewis offers aircraft refueling solutions to customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (“EMEA”). Warner Lewis has been a strategic business partner of Velcon for over 40 years distributing Velcon’s line of products, in addition to manufacturing its own standard or custom vessels, pit-boxes and ground fueling products. The acquisition of Warner Lewis represents an opportunity for Velcon to directly serve customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

This is the third acquisition for Velcon Filters in the past three years. “Velcon acquired Chemflo in late 2009 to expand our product offering into the energy markets, and in 2010 acquired Twin Filter B.V. in the Netherlands to diversify and grow the business in the oil, liquid and air filtration markets,” Greg Elliott, Chairman of the Board of Velcon Filters said. “We are excited to expand in the aviation fuel market where Velcon is a market leader in filtration and Warner Lewis is a trusted provider of filtration and refueling solutions.

Keith McAslan, President of Velcon said, “Since 1969, Warner Lewis has been the recognized leader for aircraft fueling components and solutions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and has been Velcon’s exclusive distributor in that region.  As Velcon looks toward its 60th anniversary next year, we are pleased to join with Warner Lewis and directly provide a broader range of products and solutions to our aviation customers in the Americas and EMEA.

Mark Hoye, recently promoted as Velcon Filters Vice President of Global Sales and Bruno Gervasoni, who will remain with the company as Managing Director, both commented: “The entire Warner Lewis organization is excited about joining the Velcon team and believes this partnership will provide opportunities to further develop and expand the aviation product offerings whilst continuing the excellent service to which customers of both Velcon and Warner Lewis have been accustomed.


Velcon's Vision

Our Vision is to be recognized as the leading filtration supplier in our targeted markets by:


Velcon's Mission

Velcon provides leading fluid filtration products for customers in our targeted markets. We will provide the best-in-class service to our customers, at competitive prices, while building a culture of trust that extends from each Velcon employee to the product user.

Velcon manufactures and sells products that filter, purify, and remove water from hydrocarbon fuels, oils and other fluids. Velcon serves a variety of markets throughout the world with a broad range of fluid clarification products.

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