System Integrators - CLEANDiesel®

Our system integrators work closely with our engineering and sales team to ensure efficient integration of Parker CLEANDiesel solutions in their product offerings. Please click on their logo or website to navigate to each system integrator's website.

American Controls Inc

AMT is an engineering services firm specializing in the design, manufacture and integration of turnkey automation and mechanization solutions into manufacturing environments. AMT is focused on developing, building and supporting machine and other system solutions through the complete life cycle, from concept through implementation.


Envirosafe Above-Ground Fuel Systems
Envirosafe is the leader in the production of affordable, reliable, turn-key above ground steel fuel storage tanks that comply with all local, state, and federal regulations. Whether you need bulk fuel storage for diesel, gasoline, bio diesel, ethanol, or oil, we have a durable, easy to install and cost-effective solution to fit the bill. Envirosafe's double wall systems are in use worldwide within the automotive, marine, construction, sanitation, and trucking industries as well as municipalities.
High Purity Northwest, Inc.
High Purity Northwest, Inc. was founded in 1995. HPN has been offering industrial grade filtration equipment for liquid and gas applications in mills, refineries, power plants, substations, commercial facilities, food processing plants, mining operations, and marine based operations since our inception. HPN builds lubrication systems, oil purification and filtration systems, hydraulic power units and custom process skids. HPN offers application driven solutions to contamination problems and have the expertise to assist customers with equipment that will improve reliability of their most important machinery assets.
L.A. Perks Petroleum Specialists
L.A. Perks is a Petroleum industry specialist and third generation family owned and operated business committed to safety and having a highly trained, skilled and certified workforce.
Semler Industries

Semler Industries, established in 1905, has a long history in the manufacturing and distribution of industrial liquid handling equipment.

Semler Industries is equipped with extensive in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, making us one of the best “one stop” sources for liquid handling solutions in the country. Computer-aided design, combined with skilled component selection and fabrication practices, assure a cost-effective, high-quality system, time after time.


Simplex is a high technology company that designs and manufactures electrical test systems (load banks) and fuel supply systems for the standby power generation industry. Simplex is certified to ISO 9001:2008.

Simplex products are installed in some of the most demanding, mission critical environments in companies like Cummins, Caterpillar, General Electric, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Boeing and all branches of the United States military. Many hospitals, schools and public utilities throughout the country also rely on Simplex products to provide emergency backup electrical power. Simplex equipment is used for the servicing of McDonnell-Douglas MD-11, MD-80 and Boeing 777 jetliners, the Space Shuttle, and all destroyers, cruisers and nuclear submarines and locomotives produced in the United States.