Filtration Solutions for Aviation Fuel Handling

Industry Qualified & Tested

Fuel Filtration Equipment & Cartridges Data Sheet #1841 - PDF

Parker Velcon manufactures hundreds of different filter cartridges, with a range of filtration efficiencies in a variety of configurations, to meet specific industry standards. This includes a complete line of cartridges qualified to the latest editions of EI specifications (EI 1581, EI 1583 & EI 1590).

Parker Velcon’s research, testing and product development team continues to seek solutions to many fuel quality problems and issues. Some of Velcon’s innovative products include:

FDPM® MKII – Flow Differential Pressure Module, Mark II – provides automatic reporting of corrected differential pressure for varying flow rates.

VCA® – Velcon Contaminant Analyzer for real-time fuel quality analysis in the field.

VCA-CV – the VCA combined with a Cla-Val™ valve.

SRS – Sump Recovery System for fuel savings and environmentally sound handling of sumped fuel. For more information about any of Velcon’s products and to discuss your specific filtration requirements and fuel handling needs please contact your local Velcon Representative.

FDPM® & VCA® are registered trademarks of Parker Velcon.


Filter/Separators are two-stage vessels designed to remove dirt and separate water from fuel at refineries, product terminals, fuel farms, and on refueling vehicles. They continuously coalesce and separate water, which collects in the vessel sump where it can be drained. Velcon Filter/Separators have passed numerous tests qualifying them to the latest EI 1581 edition. Construction is to ASME Code. Units qualified to military specifications are also available.



Parker Velcon V Series Vertical Filter SeparatorFixed Installations

  • VV Series Vertical Vessels
  • HV Series Horizontal Vessels
  • V Series Vertical Vessels Mobile

Fueling Units

  • HV Series Horizontal Vessels
  • HVS Series Horizontal Vessels

Parker Velcon Coalescer CartridgesCoalescer Cartridges

Used as a first-stage cartridge in Filter/Separators. Remove particulates and coalesce water into large water drops. Also available in screw base design.

Parker Velcon Water Separator CartridgeSeparator Cartridges

Second stage cartridges in Filter/Separators repel coalesced water drops which then collect in the sump for easy removal. Available in Teflon® Coated Screen, Synthetic Media or Pleated Paper Media.

Water Absorbing Filters

Parker Velcon’s Water Absorbing Filters are single-stage filter vessel systems which remove water and dirt from Avgas and Jet Fuel and provide protection from water at the point of final fuel filtration. When a monitor system’s water holding capacity is reached, the flow of fuel is restricted. Units meet all EI Specifications. Construction is to ASME Code Section VIII.



Parker Velcon HM Horizontal Monitor VesselFixed or Mobile Units

  • AHM or HM Series Horizontal Monitor Vessels
  • AVM or VM Series Vertical Monitor Vessels

High Capacity Aquacon® Units

  • HA Series Horizontal Vessels
  • VA Series Vertical Vessels

Parker Velcon CDF Fuel MonitorCDF® Cartridges

Absorb water and filter solids from Avgas and Jet Fuel. Provide protection against water slug transmission.

Parker Velcon Aquacon ACO ACIAquacon® Cartridges

Filter particulate matter and absorb water with great efficiency. Water capacity is approximately 40 times greater than 2” diameter monitor cartridges. Also provide protection against water slugs.

Micronic and Clay Vessels

Micronic and Clay Vessels remove dirt and surfactants. Micronic vessels offer economical particulate prefiltration upstream of clay units or Filter/Separators. Clay elements remove surfactants. Construction is to ASME Code Section VIII.




Parker Velcon VF Vertical Filter VesselFixed Installations

  • VF, VFA Series Vertical Filter Vessels
  • HF Series Horizontal Filter Vessels
  • VC Series Clay Element Vessels


Parker Velcon Pleated Media FilterPleated Paper Cartridges

Corrugated pleated media with large surface area for filtration of granular contaminants. Also available in threaded base design.


Parker Velcon Commissioning FilterCommissioning Cartridges

Commissioning Cartridges (our FI-xxx series) are now available. They can be used in place of coalescers to remove heavy solid contaminants during start up. Our FO-754PL05 and other shorter length filter elements can be used in place of clay canisters for initial system flush.


Parker Velcon Fiberglass FilterFiberglass Filter Cartridges

Progressively finer layers of fiberglass filter colloidal or slimy contaminants.

Parker Velcon Clay Canister CartridgesClay Canister Cartridges

Attapulgus clay canisters for removal of surfactants from jet fuel and other petroleum products.