Parker Velcon fuel filter cartridges come in all sizes, micron ratings for jet fuel, avgas, diesel, biodieasel, insulating oil applicationsParker HFFD manufactures and sells hundreds of different fuel filter cartridges, with a broad range of filtration efficiencies in a variety of configurations, to meet specific industry filtration requirements. Cartridges are qualified to both commercial and military specifications, and are used for a range of applications such as jet fuel, avgas, diesel fuel, insulation oil, transformer oil, and biodiesel.

Parker HFFD provides the aviation industry’s most complete line of cartridge sets qualified to test to the latest EI* 1581 for use in Filter/Separators. CDF®-P Series cartridges are qualified to the EI Monitor specifications.

Other cartridges are offered for the removal of granular and colloidal contaminants as well as surfactants.

This family of cartridges provides optimum filtration performance when used in Parker Velcon filter vessels or in housings made by Facet, Faudi, Racor, Fram, Bendix, Bowser/Keene/Kaydon, Purolator, and numerous others.

Types of Filter Cartridges:

Shelf Life of Filter Cartridges

*EI - Energy Institute, formerly Institute of Petroleum (IP)