Adsorbent Media Cartridges –

Fuller’s Earth and Activated Alumina

Field proven in corrosive vacuum pump oil applications

Adsorbent Cartridges - Data Sheet #1667


Velcon adsorbent media cartridges combine the highest grade sorbing materials with specially selected structural components. Field proven at major semiconductor companies, these cartridges maintain oil quality in the most corrosive environments.

Models LA-61801B and LA-71801B contain a special grade of fuller’s earth mined in Florida and Georgia. This clay is heat refined to increase sorbing capacity and water resistance.

Models LB-71801 and LB-1107B contain a granular form of activated alumina that has proven most effective for oil purification.


Adsorbent media cartridges remove acids, gums, surfactants, varnishes, soaps, color bodies, corrosive gases, polar compounds and oxidation products from hydrocarbon and synthetic oils. They also remove moisture and filter particulates to a nominal 10 micrometer level. Routine filtering will return oil to a clear and bright condition, extending oil life and protecting machinery.

Filtering mechanical vacuum pump oil with adsorbent cartridges is a standard process in the semiconductor industry for LPCVD, Ion Implantation and Plasma Etching equipment.

Velcon Adsorbent Media cartridges effectively process:


  1. Flow rates should be kept below 1 gpm per cartridge for optimum performance. Initial pressure drop is typically below 5 psi. Changeout differential pressure is 25 psi.
  2. If water or solid contamination is heavy a prefilter should be installed. FO-718PL Cartridges remove solids and AC-718 Aquacon® Cartridges remove solids, water and hydrolyzed acids.
  3. Activated alumina has a higher specific surface area than fuller’s earth. It is also more efficient at removing Lewis acids and halogens, and has higher water resistance. It typically has 3 to 5 times the acid adsorbing capacity of fuller’s earth.
  4. An LB-71801 activated alumina cartridge will adsorb up to 2350 ml of reagent grade HCI.
  5. Easy-to-use field test kits are available to determine when the acid level in oil is above acceptable limits. We recommend using these kits to determine when cartridges should be changed and also to compare the cost effectiveness of activated alumina vs. fuller’s earth in a given application.


Model Number Adsorbent Media Media Mesh Media Quantity Dimensions
LA-61801B Fuller’s Earth 50 - 80 10 lbs. 29/16” I.D. x 61/4” O.D. x 18” length
LA-71801B Fuller’s Earth 50 - 80 13 lbs. 23/16” I.D. x 7” O.D. x 18” length
LB-71801 Activated Alumina 48 - 100 15 lbs. 23/16” I.D. x 7” O.D. x 18” length
LB-1107B Activated Alumina 48 - 100 14 lbs. 2” I.D. x 11” O.D. x 71/4” length


Specify model number as shown above. LA-71801B, LB-71801 and LB-1107B are packaged two per carton. LA-61801B is packaged four per carton.

Approximate quantities of adsorbent material required for desired reduction in neutralization number of oil when using batch method of reclamation.