Aquacon® Filter Cartridges
AD Series

Eliminate Diesel Fuel Contamination Problems at the Pump

Aquacon® Filter Cartridges- AD Series - Data Sheet #1655


AD Series Aquacon® cartridges were developed in cooperation with a major oil company for diesel fuel applications. Balancing effective water and dirt removal with economical life, AD cartridges have become standard for most diesel users and can also be used with biodiesel.

Nominal filtration efficiency is 25 microns. Effluent water levels are typically below 50 parts per million. The AD design significantly restricts flow when a water slug is introduced.

Motor gasoline, hydraulic and lube oils can also be filtered with AD cartridges. Aviation fuels, however, must be filtered with the more efficient series design.



Max. Diesel
Flow Rate

per cartridge (GPM)
AD-21025 2-5/8 x 9-3/4 15Velcon VF-31E Housing
AD-51225 5-5/8 x 12-1/4 50Velcon VF-61 Housing
AD-52425 5-5/8 x 24-1/2 100Velcon VF-62 Housing
AD-60925 6 x 9-13/16 35Velcon VF-609 /Facet VFCS-21 /Racor FBO-10 Housings
AD-61225 6 x 13-11/16 46Facet VFCS-22 /Racor FBO-14 Housings
AD-61425 6 x 14-1/2 50Velcon Aviation Housings
AD-71825 6-1/4 x 18 60Velcon Industrial Housings

WARNING: Absorbent-type monitor cartridges will not remove water from fuel containing alcohol-blending agents (commonly called gasohol). For removal of solids, please use Velcon particle removal filters specifically made for gasohol. Consult your Velcon representative.