Aquacon® Air Filter
Cartridge Model ACA-210
Housing Model VF-31E

Water Removal from Compressed Air

Aquacon® Air Filter - #1689




Aquacon® super-absorbent cartridges remove 99.9+% of liquid water from compressed air. This is considered to be “total” water removal for many industrial and scientific applications. Note that water vapor is not removed.

Filtered water is locked into the super-absorbent media and cannot be squeezed out. When a cartridge reaches its water holding limit, the media expands and restricts the flow of unfiltered air until the cartridge is replaced. Periodic draining of the sump will extend cartridge life by keeping accumulated water away from the super-absorbent media.

Aquacon® Cartridges are also excellent dirt filters. They are rated at 99.9+% for particles down to 1 micrometer. In addition, the cartridges remove residual oil mist that may have gotten past a primary filter.


(1) Wet, Dirty Air [A] flows into housing and down into space between housing and cartridge [B].

(2) Gross Water coalesces in large drops on the cartridge’s outer surface [C] and drips down into the housing sump [D].

(3) Finely Dispersed Water Mist penetrates into the cartridge’s multi-layered filter media [E] where it is absorbed and “locked-in” to the super-absorbent water media layers. When saturated, this media swells up and restricts airflow.

(4) Dirt Particles are filtered by the fiberglass layers of the multi-layered filter media [E]. When fully loaded with dirt, the cartridge plugs up like any conventional filter.

(5) Residual Oil Mist – Oil drops coalesce on the cartridge surface [C] and fall into the vessel sump [D]. Some oil mist penetrates into the cartridge and is trapped in voids in the fiberglass media layers [E]. Oil removal capacity is limited.

(6) Dry, Clean Air passes up through Center Core [F] and out [G].

Note: Assumes 2 psi differential with clean cartridge installed.


1. Aquacon® Filters function best at the end of an air line close to the point of use. They should not be installed immediately downstream from a compressor.

2. A large “slug” of water in the line may cause Aquacon® Filters to completely block the air flow within seconds. If maintaining air flow is critical, a duplex filter arrange­ment with automatic valves should be considered.


VF-31E Filter Housing

Cast aluminum head. Carbon steel shell with corrosion resistant phosphate coated interior and epoxy painted exterior.

Maximum operating pressure 150 psi (10 bar)
Height 14 1/2” (37 cm)
Inlet/Outlet Connection 1” NPT
Inlet/Outlet face-to-face 4” (10 cm)
Bottom Drain 1/8” Petcock
Lid Gasket, Buna-N, Model G-0995
Cartridge, (one required) Model ACA-210

ACA-210 Aquacon® Filter Cartridge

I.D. 1” (2.5 cm)
O.D. 2” (5.1 cm)
Length: 9 3/4” (25 cm)
Minimum collapse pressure: 150 psi (10 bar)
Maximum operating temperature: 250°F (121°C)
Water removal efficiency: 99.9 +% of liquid water
Particulate removal efficiency: 99.9 +% of 1 micro- meter and larger particles
Water holding capacity: 100 ml