Industrial Coalescer Cartridges

Industrial Coalescer Cartridges - Data Sheet #1561

Industry’s Broadest Selection of Coalescer Cartridges
Used for Separating Immiscible Liquids with Different Densities

  • Proven field performance – billions of gallons of hydrocarbons processed to exacting requirements.
  • Wide selection – interchanges available for most other manufacturers’ models.
  • Optimum use of filter area – gives high flow capacity and long life.

  • Rugged construction – assures performance in the toughest environment.
  • Choice of various media – allows best selection for individual applications.

  • Custom design available – provides special cartridges for unique water removal problems.


Standard Velcon construction features include aluminum tubes to prevent corrosion, aluminum or glass filled nylon endcaps with epoxy adhesive to assure a thorough bond to the media, and Buna-N gaskets to give positive sealing. For special applications, different materials can be used for the tubes, endcaps and gaskets. A knitted sock is also put on each cartridge to enhance the drop size.

Media come in two basic types – all fiberglass and pleated media/fiberglass. By combining various grades of media materials, the optimum balance can be achieved for each application.

In addition to removing liquids, the coalescer cartridge acts as a high efficiency filter. This gives both a dry and dirt-free effluent


  • Diesel Fuel
  • Biodiesel Fuel
  • Insulating Oil
  • Turbine Lube Oil
  • Gasoline

The table below lists some of the coalescers commonly used in industrial applications. Your local Velcon representative can provide complete information on other sizes and types.


  • 75 psi burst strength
  • 5 - 9 pH range
  • 160° maximum operating temperature
All fiberglass
CA-62202 Fiberglass Open Petroclar (10 micron)
CA-62206 Fiberglass Open Petroclar (2 micron)
CA-64485 Pleated/ Fiberglass Open Keene K2000
CC-62283 Pleated/ Fiberglass Threaded TO-30 Insulating Oil System
CC-62285 Pleated/ Fiberglass Threaded TOC-10 Turbine Oil System
CC-63385 Pleated/ Fiberglass Threaded TOC-30 Turbine Oil System
I-4126 Fiberglass Open Keene A-840, A-840A, CI-3512-F2-1
I-4152 Fiberglass Open Keene A-1525, CI-3416-F2-0
I-4184 Fiberglass Open Keene A-870, A-870A, CI-3518-F2-1
I-4204 Fiberglass O-Ring Keene CI-3520-02-2
I-4310 Fiberglass O-Ring Keene A-3057, CI-3431-02-0
I-6086A Fiberglass Open
Interdyne Solvent System
A Velcon coalescer cartridge removing water from kerosene. Large (coalesced) waterdrops break away from the cartridge surface and sink into the sump area. Visible at the bottom is the interface between the kerosene and the settled water.