Replacement Cartridges for Vel-Max® Housings

Vel-Max® Replacement Cartridges (see Page 15)

O Series Coalescer and SO Separator Remove Water and Dirt from Diesel, Jet Fuel and Avgas

  • Reduces free and emulsified water to less than 50 ppm in diesel, and less than 15 ppm in jet fuel/avgas.
  • Used in place of Aquacon® cartridges for continuous removal of free water
  • For use in the Velcon Vel-Max® housings

Vel-Max® Filter Housings (see Page 14)


The Velcon coalescer and separator are installed together in the Vel-Max® housing to remove water and dirt from fuel. The fuel passes from the outside to the inside through the coalescer. Dirt is filtered out of the fuel and free/emulsified water in fuel is coalesced. The coalesced water droplets, which form on the inside of the coalescer, are repelled from going further down-stream by the separator. The water settles down to the sump where it is manually drained.


  • Maximum Operating Temperature is 160°F / 71°C
  • Flow direction: outside to inside
  • pH range: 5 to 9
  • Coalescer Changeout at 15 psid


Housing with Cartridges Jet Avgas Diesel
gpm lpm gpm lpm gpm lpm
VX-1 37 140 55 208 25 95
VX-2 75 284 1100 378 50 189
VX-3 112 424 167 636 75 284

Cartridge Selection Tables for Vel-Max® Housings

Jet Fuel & Avgas Applications

Housing Cartridge Model #

Micron Rating

Dimensions (Inches)
VX-1 Coalescer O-81588 0.5 15 5.625 7.625
Separator SO-415VX5 N/A 15 1.875 4
VX-2 Coalescer O-83088 0.5 30 5.625 7.625
Separator SO-430VX5 N/A 30 1.875 4
VX-3 Coalescer O-84488 0.5 44 5.625 7.625
Separator SO-444C N/A 44 1.875 4

Diesel Applications

Housing Cartridge Model #

Micron Rating

Dimensions (Inches)
VX-1 Coalescer O-8150 25 15 5.625 7.625
Coalescer O-8152 5
Coalescer O-8156 2
Separator SO-415PL N/A 15 1.875 4
VX-2 Coalescer O-8300 25 30 5.625 7.625
Coalescer O-8304 3
Coalescer O-8306 2
Separator SO-430PL N/A 30 1.875 4
VX-3 Coalescer O-8440 25 44 5.625 7.625
Coalescer O-8444 3
Coalescer O-8446 2
Separator SO-444PL N/A 44 1.875 4


  1. If converting from Velcon’s Aquacon® water absorbing cartridges to coalescer/separator cartridges, please order Part Number EA35 end seal plate.
  2. Separators used for jet fuel and avgas applications (SO-4xxVX5) are Teflon®-coated and can be cleaned and re-used. See data sheet #1242 for cleaning and maintenance instructions.
  3. Separators used for diesel applications (SO-4xxPL) are made with pleated media. Changeout at 15 psid.

For information on other types of Velcon filter cartridges that can be used in the Vel-Max® Housing, see below and corresponding data sheet as marked.

Type 1-High 2-High 3-High

Micronic Filter Cartridges

Pleated Paper FO-614PLFxx* FO-629PLFxx FO-644PLFxx
Fiberglass Depth FO-614FGxx FO-629FGxx FO-644FGxx
Aquacon® Cartridges Jet Fuel/Avgas ACO-61401P ACO-62901P ACO-64401P
Gasoline AC-61405 AC-62905 AC-64405
Diesel AD-61425 AD-62925 AD-64425
CDF® Jet Fuel CDF-215P CDF-230P N/A

*The suffix “x” or “xx” on the part number denotes the micron rating of the cartridge. Example: FO-614PLF5 is a 5 micron filter.