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AVIFIL : for your ground fueling operations in the Jet Fuel and Avgas industry

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Acting as a well known partner providing solutions for the refueling and the modular storage of fuels such as Kerosene, Jet A-1, Aviation Fuels and Avgas 100LL, AVIFIL answers the specific needs coming from General Aviation, Biz Aviation & Commercial Aviation.

A reference in equipment dedicated for the handling of aviation fuels.

Created in 1992 as the French branch from Warner Lewis GmbH, AVIFIL designs, builds and markets materials for companies involved in the handling of aviation fuels.

Exclusive distributor for VelconCla-Val™ Ground Fueling andGammon Technical Products on French speaking territories, AVIFIL supplies key materials for your filtration, fueling and fuel quality control operations.

Thanks to its range of equipment for the refueling and modular storage, AVIFIL provides tailored solutions to airfield and helicopter users.

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Parker Hannifin SAS - Velcon Filtration Division

Elements filtration carburants aeronautiques

Velcon serves a variety of markets throughout the world with a broad range of fluid clarification products.

The largest single segment of Velcon business involves providing the jet fuel industry with products that filter, purify, and remove water from jet fuel from the refinery to the aircraft refueler.

Avifil provides the Aviation Industry located in French speaking territories with complete fuel filtration materials (filter/separator vessels) and cartridges (coalescing, separator, monitor, filter,…cartridges).

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Cla-Val™ Ground Fueling

Cla-Val Ground Fueling is a major player in the design and manufacture of ground refueling equipment for both commercial and military aircraft. Eaton has built a solid reputation for innovation, quality and dependability with its large and comprehensive line of products :

  • Underwing refueling nozzles for fueling commercial and military aviation,
  • Overwing nozzles for fueling general aviation and helicopters,
  • Hydrant couplers and pressure control systems integrated on vehicles.

Avifil is your official distributor for French speaking territories.

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Gammon Technical Products

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Quality Control

Specialist in all aspects of aviation fuel handling and quality control, Gammon Technical Products offers a complete range of materials to insure KeroseneJet A-1 or Avgas delivered to the aircraft is clean and water-free.

Gammon Technical Products

materie cla-val accrocheur hydrant pour avitaillement Jeta1Acting on French speaking territories in Africa, AVIFIL provides you with tools enabling to control, check and assess that the fuel delivered to the aircraft or the helicopter fulfills with standards and requirement used in the industry.

Tests to assess the level in particles or water, temperature or density controls in accordance with ASTM standards, product samplers, AVIFIL is your partner for your quality control operations.

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Refueling System

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cabine avitaillement carburant aeronautique helistationThanks to its expertise in fuel filtration, in processes for fueling aircraft or helicopters fulfilling with the compulsory safety conditions when operating aviation petroleum products such as Jet A-1 or Avgas, AVIFIL has designed a complete range of refueling solutions whatever the type of airfields.

Drop Zone for helicopters, small airfields, general aviation or biz aviation, our wish is to design the installation tailored to your specific requirements.

Drum-cart Avidrum, refueling cabinets Avifly or Avifuel, refueling cart Avicart, modular storing and refueling units type Avibank,Avistore or Avicont : AVIFIL will help you in designing your refueling facilities.

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