Filter Selection Table: Industrial Applications

Filter Selection Table

Typical Solutions for Industrial Applications
Equipment/Cartridge Combinations

For more detailed information, please refer to individual data sheets as

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Industrial Filtration Equipment Data Sheet #1686

Problem Type of Fluid/Applications Solution
Water and Dirt in Oils Lube Oil
Gear Oil
Hydraulic Oil
Turbine Oil
1a. Portable Filter Pumps
The MP5, 5 GPM Portable Filter Pump is typical and widely used in industry.
Use with Aquacon® cartridge or FO-718PL pleated media
1b. Stationary Filter Housings and Aquacon® Cartridges
Note that Aquacon® super-absorbent filters have become the industry standard for dirt and water removal.
1c. Turbine Oil Coalescing System
Use TOC30 System at 30GPM flow rate.
Water and Carbon
in Insulating Oils
Transformer Oil
Circuit Breaker Oil
Switch Gear Oil
Tap Changer Oil
2a. Aquacon® Cartridges in Portable Filter Pumps
MP-5 at 5 GPM and HP-30 at 30GPM flow rate.
2b. Aquacon® 1, 2, 3, and 4-Hi Cartridges
Replacements for Alsop and Cuno disk type cartridges and Hilco blotter paper filters in existing housings.
Water and Dirt in Fuels Gasoline
3a. Aquacon® Cartridges in VF-61, VF-62 or VF-31E Housings
Positive Shut-Off features prevents pumping of contaminated fuel.
Use Coalescer Cartridges in high volume applications.
3b. Spin-On Aquacon® Cartridges
Use on gasoline and diesel fuel dispensers.
Dirt (Particulates)
In Oils and Fuels
All Oils
All Fuels
4. High Surface Area Pleated Media and Fiberglass Depth Media Cartridges
Use in Stationary Housings at 1 to 600 GPM or Portable Filter Pumps at 1 to 30 GPM.
Acid in Oils Vacuum Pump Oil
5. Adsorbent Cartridges: Fullers Earth or Activated Alumina
Use in Stationary Housings or Portable Filter Pumps.
Water and Dirt in
Compressed Air
Industrial Compressed Air
Instrument Air
6. Air Aquacon® Filter Cartridge in VF-31E Housing
“Foolproof” 99.9+% water removal with positive lock-in and positive shut-down. Gross water removal via petcock.
Water and Dirt in Solvents Hexane
1,1,1 -Trichlorene
7. Solvent Aquacon® Cartridges
Use in Stationary Housings. Typical: 1 to 80 GPM, down to 10 ppm water in effluent with 1 micrometer particulate rating.

Velcon Filtration Equipment

Portable Filter Pumps


MCP5E, HP10/HP30

Stationary Housings

VF-31E, VF-6, VF-62, VF-609


Velcon Cartridges

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Aquacon® - Industrial

Air Aquacon® ACA-210

Aquacon® Spin-on Industrial

Other Filter Cartridges
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Fiberglass FO-xxxFG

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Adsorbent LA-6xx