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Standard Industrial Filtration Systems

Parker Velcon MP5 Portable Oil Filter SystemsMP5 Heavy Duty Portable Handcard Filter-Pump

The Parker Velcon MP5 is a compact, portable filter system designed for use at the site of contaminated oil. It is easily wheeled to the sump or reservoir by one person. The MP5 is completely selfcontained and requires only electricity for operation. Standard features are listed on the facing page. Note that the unit incorporates a reliable gear pump with an integral pump pressure relief valve to prevent system overpressure

MP5 Series - Portable Oil Filter

Parker Velcon MP5E Portable Oil Filter SystemsMP5E Lightweight Portable Handcart Filter-Pump

The Velcon MP5E is a complete filtration package on wheels. All you have to do is install the filter cartridge, plug it in, and watch it meet your toughest filtration requirements. Designed for industrial applications, the MP5E uses a large filter cartridge with up to 4500 square inches of filter media. This improves filtration efficiency and capacity, reduces change-out frequency and gives the best long term operating costs. More than 26 types of filter cartridges are available to meet your specific filtration requirements.

MP5E Series - Portable Oil Filter

Parker Velcon MCP5E Portable Oil Filter SystemsMCP5E Twin Housing LIghtweight, Portable Handcart Fitler Pumps

The Parker Velcon MCP5E Series-Flow employs two different types of filter cartridges in series. Typically, the first of the MCP5E’s two housings is utilized as a prefilter. With heavy carbon or dirt contamination, this prefilter holds a cost-effective particle or colloidal removal cartridge and the second in series holds an Aquacon® super-absorbent water removing cartridge.

MCP5E Series - Portable Oil Filter

Parker Velcon MCP5E Portable Oil Filter SystemsMXP5E Superdri Handcart Filter Systems

The Parker Velcon MXP5E comes with all the features needed for proper use of Velcon Superdri® Cartridges for dissolved water removal from transformer oil.
Parallel flow through the two filter housings assures the proper flow rate through each SD-718 Superdri® cartridge. The unit is also valved so that series flow is
possible for non-dissolved water oil handling applications, such as removal of dirt and free water. Use FO filter cartridges in the first housing to remove dirt particles. An Aquacon® cartridge in the
second stage removes free water..

MXP5E Series - Portable Oil Filter

Parker Velcon HP Portable Oil Filter SystemsHP Heavy Duty Portable Handcart Filter Pumps

Double capacity Parker Velcon HP Series Portable Filter Pumps are recommended for oils with higher concentrations of dirt, water and other contaminants. Two models are offered with a choice of 10 and 30 gpm flow rates. The thirty-gallons per minute model is the preferred choice at electrical utility installations for transferring and filtering insulating oil. It has been proven to be economical, fast, and efficient for applications of this type involving larger volumes of oil. The HP Series two-cartridge design filters and holds more than twice as much contaminant as single cartridge units. Several different types of filter cartridges are offered for specific applications. Cartridges can be changed in only a few minutes.

HP Series - Portable Oil Filter

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