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Fuel & Oil Filtration Laboratory - #VEL1724


The Dinius Product Development Laboratory at Velcon, is one of the company’s most important assets. Numerous state of the art fuel and oil filtration products have been developed and qualified here. They include the widest range of fuel filtration products available to the aviation industry. The lab is located in a 9,000 square foot facility at our headquarters facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and is the largest indoor jet fuel testing lab in the world.

Its missions include:

These missions are carried out by a well qualified Technical Services team consisting of two product development engineers and the support of three test technicians. This core group is aided by other engineering and marketing functions throughout the company. Decades of cumulative experience are focused on our missions.

The testing facility consists of three main labs: jet fuel, industrial/utility, and the analytical lab.


To meet the critical requirements of the aviation industry, two separate computer-instrumented test loops gauge our products’ ability to remove water and dirt from jet fuel. One loop is equipped for full-scale tests up to 2,500 gpm. The other loop is suitable for single element tests up to 150 gpm. These loops are designed to comply with the latest editions of jet fuel filtration and separation specifications including:

Two sets of clay filters, micronic filters, and filter/separators are used, along with a fuel storage capability of 45,000 gallons. Refrigerated heat exchangers, additive blending tanks, large pumps, and a wastewater treatment system are also present. A custom, state of the art data acquisition system is included to handle the data gathering tasks.

In addition to the test loops, a separate open coalescing tank is used for visual examination of coalescing performance, and a burst chamber for determining cartridge burst and collapse strength.


Velcon products are also used in a wide variety of industrial fluid clarification applications. Our industrial product development focuses on problem solving: innovating a cost effective solution to a customer’s specific problem and applying it to related industries. The unique Aquacon® water absorbing filter elements evolved as a result of this approach.

In addition, a line of products is specifically targeted to clarify electrical insulating oil. The focus here is to remove sub-micron carbon particles and water to low ppm levels.

A significant portion of the Velcon test facility is dedicated to industrial and utility product development with the following equipment available on-site:


The Analytical Lab houses a wide range of capabilities to support jet fuel filter testing, in-house quality control, and industrial and utility filter testing. In addition, customers’ fluid samples are analyzed to determine the best filtration solution.

Key equipment includes:

Other equipment is available to conduct these additional ASTM tests: D974, D1298, D1796, D88.