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Velcon's 50, 100 and 350 USGPM portable filter separators with protective frames are being supplied to US Army TACOM for use in remote locatons across the globe.

For military fuel handling and filtration, Velcon Filters, LLC has developed & supplied coalescers & separator cartridges for vessels qualified to stringent specifications for military fuel filtration, specifically EI 1581 Specification and qualification procedures for aviation jet fuel filter/separators, Category M and M100. The list of completed tests for the EI 1581 fifth edition, military categories is shown below.


EI-1581 5th Edition Completed Military Tests

Date Test Vessel Flow Rate (USGPM) Category Type* Coalescers Separators
Nov-11 HVS-3033 1057 M S-LW 14 x I-624JF5TB 8 x SO-614VSN5
Apr-11 HVS-2628M 600 M S-LW 10 x I-628A4TB 8 x SO-616GS +
40 x FOW-215
Mar-11 HV-2856 1000 M S 7 x I-656A4TB 2 x SO-648CM
July-08 HVS2628 600 M100 S 10 x I-628A4TB 8 x SO-616GS +
40 x FOW-215
Feb-08 VV3656 1210 M S 12 x I-644MMTB 4 x SO-644VSN
Apr-07 HV1633 240 M S 3 x I-633MMTB 1 x SO-436V5
Sep-06 HV3256 1250 M S 9 x I-656MMTB 3 x SO-648V5
Aug-05 R11 OshKosh 600 M100 S 15 x I-440A4 15 x SI-542
Oct-03 R11 OshKosh 600 M S 15 x I-440MM 15 x SI-542
Apr-03 AAE 2000 M S 50 x I-620MM 20 x SO-620C


600 M100 S 10 x I-628A4TB 8 x SO-616GS +
40 x CDF-215K
Nov-02 HV2856 1000 M100 S 7 x I-656A4TB 2 x SO-648CM

*Type S also qualifies this configuration for Type S-LW (0.5% water) and Type S-LD (low dirt)

Parker HFFD has received the following approvals for its products:

For refuellers that had previously used 4” diameter DOD coalescers, Velcon has developed and qualified cartridges to meet the new EI 1581 5th Edition Specification.

This specification provides for two military categories - Category M for JP8 fuels, and Category M100 for JP8 fuels with thermal stability additive (Spec Aid 8Q462). Velcon has qualified:
• Category M - Models I-420MM & I- 440MM, as direct replacements for DOD-sized cartridges, and

• Category M100 Models I-420A4 & I- 44A4 are directly interchangeable with DOD-sized cartridges.

For refuellers with vessels containing 6” diameter coalescer cartridges, Velcon has developed and qualified coalescers to meet EI 1581 5th Edition, Category M - Model I-6xxMM, where “xx” represents the length of the cartridge. These coalescers can be supplied with threaded base mounting ends or with conventional flat caps.

Specific Military Cartridges Data Sheets:

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