Conversion Kit for Harvard H1000 Style Housings CK-1483

Upgrade the performance of Harvard and Filmax LTC filter systems with Velcon Superdri® filter cartridges.

CK-1483 - Data Sheet #1902

Studies have shown that all-cellulose Harvard filter cartridges do not remove moisture in oil over extended periods of time. Quickly saturated, these filters simply allow the circulation of wet oil in the LTC compartment. The Velcon SD-718P3 removes fine carbon and dissolved water for over a year in free breathing LTC compartments. Conversion Kit CK-1483 adapts the Harvard H1000 housing on Harvard and Filmax filter systems to allow use of a Velcon high performance Superdri filter, SD‑718P3, to improve LTC oil quality and filter system performance.

The conversion kit consists of two plates. One plate slides over the housing center post and is pressed onto the bottom. The second plate seals the top of the high performance Velcon replacement cartridge.