Load Tap Changer Filter Systems

On-Line Oil Filtration for Load Tap Changers, Regulators and Circuit Breakers

On-Line Oil Filtration for Load Tap Changer Compartments

The Parker Velcon TP3 was developed in response to the utility industry’s desire to reduce operation and maintenance costs and increase system reliability. On-line oil filtration has proven to be an effective means of combating LTC problems. Tap changers retrofitted with a TP3 enjoy the following:

The Parker Velcon TP3 is recommended for installation on tap changers that:

Quality components and comprehensive design features have made the TP3 an industry standard for on-line filtration. All components are fully enclosed in a heavy duty cabinet. Operation of the unit is unattended and controlled by a user programmable timer. 3 gpm flow rate keeps turbulence in the reservoir to a minimum and allows for maximum filter life.




Model Fan Timer (Dig) Timer (Mec) Heater Sight Glass Reverse Pump
TP3-MK2     X 30W Tube  
TP-MK3 X X   400W Tube X



FO-718PL1/2 Filter Cartridge, box of 6 ea (or:)
FO-718PLP3 Filter Cartridge, box of 6 ea (or:)
AC-7181/2 Aquacon® Cartridge, box of 6 ea (or:)
AC-718P3 Aquacon®Cartridge, box of 6 ea (or:)
SD-718P3 Superdri® Cartridge, box of 6 ea
G-1016 Filter Housing Lid Gasket, 1 ea