Small Portable Oil Filter Systems

MP5 Velcon Portable Filter SystemPortable Filtration Units for Oil  Velcon's MP Series Portable Systems provide a variety of options for your filtration needs.

Heavy Duty Portable Handcart Filter-Pump Removes Water and Dirt from Oils



The MP5 is a compact, portable filter system designed for use at the site of contaminated oil. It is easily wheeled to the sump or reservoir by one person. The MP5 is completely self-contained and requires only electricity for operation. Standard features are listed on the reverse side. Note that the unit incorporates a reliable gear pump with an integral pump pressure relief valve to prevent system over-pressure. A selection of high performance filter cartridges is offered for use with the MP5. Cartridge changes can be made in only a few minutes.


MP5s can be used with injection molding machines, mobile hydraulic equipment, small transformers, circuit breakers and various other types of equipment. Applications are as follows:

Types of Oil Include the following:


Standard features, all MP5 Models


Velcon Portable Filter SystemsThe MP5 portable filter accepts all Velcon standard 618/718 size cartridges. Contact your local Velcon representative for a complete listing of available cartridges and their applications.


Filter Cartridge, box of 6 G-1045 Std Buna-N Filter Housing Lid Gasket, 1 ea (or) G-1045A Viton-A Filter Housing Lid Gasket, 1 ea