VF-61 Differential Pressure Gauge

P/N 10678

Differential Pressure Gauge Kit for use with the
VF-61, VF-61E, and VF-62 Housings

Differential Pressure Gauge - Data Sheet VEL1959

This unit measures pressure difference between two points. The gauge allows for a simple reading on an easy-to-read scale. A red/green dial with a breakpoint located at 15 psid alerts the user of the condition of the process.

This kit consists of the following components:


When the needle is in the green zone of the gauge during normal flow, the differential pressure is less than 15 psid across the installed element, and the element does not need to be changed out.

When the needle is in the red zone, the differential pressure is more than 15 psid and the element should be changed out. It has reached its recommended maximum pressure differential.

Do not mount the P/N 10678 differential pressure gauge assembly any closer than 2” from a steel bracket or pipe. The gauge has a magnetic piston, and mounting too close to steel may affect the accuracy.